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About us

iPelican is an international distribution platform of professional equipment designed for
manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

  • How to purchase equipment on iPelican?

    iPelican contains dozens of features which save buyers time and money. The platform allows you to compare models, prices and delivery times of hundreds of companies all over the world. In a few minutes, you can find and purchase the right equipment for your restaurant, store or other business.

    iPelican is an up-to-date and easy-to-use catalog filled with more then 200,000 products. Each item in the catalog has a complete description of features and stock availability.

  • How to sell equipment on iPelican?

    iPelican is a distribution channel with powerful marketing tools. You can get access to manufacturers' and distributors' wholesale prices and purchase equipment using our platform.

    On iPelican, you can start doing business faster than ever. Just create your own online store on iPelican's platform using the biggest catalog of professional equipment anywhere. The platform allows you to analyze your business and helps you make the right decisions.