Checkout with conveyor Штрих-М Stream-CC-320-Т120 MAX

  • Type
    Checkout with conveyor
  • length
    3200 mm
  • depth
    1300 mm
  • transporter length
    1200 mm
  • work surface type
    smooth stainless steel
  • tandem use
  • cashier seat type

About product «Checkout with conveyor Штрих-М Stream-CC-320-Т120 MAX»

Checkout with Conveyor Stream-CC-320-Т120 MAX made by ШТРИХ-М is specially designed for for payment settlements with buyers in stores of various sizes, supermarkets and hypermarkets . The availability of the conveyor, set in this represented model enables to speed-up the process of service and provides an additional convenience for them.

When choosing of a checkout with conveyor, you should take into account a range of factors, including also size and the configuration of commercial premises . No less important is design of Checkout. For the Checkout Stream-CC-320-Т120 MAX is specified universal cashier seat type.