Checkout with conveyor Штрих-М Stream-V-310-Т100 MAX

  • Type
    Checkout with conveyor
  • length
    3100 mm
  • depth
    1300 mm
  • transporter length
    1000 mm
  • work surface type
    smooth stainless steel
  • tandem use
  • cashier seat type

About product «Checkout with conveyor Штрих-М Stream-V-310-Т100 MAX»

Checkout with Conveyor Stream-V-310-Т100 MAX from ШТРИХ-М is optimal for cash payments in stores with self-service system. The availability of the conveyor, set in this model enables to optimize the process of service and provides an additional convenience for them.

When you choose a checkout with conveyor, you should take into account many factors, including also area of the shopping areas, as well as its configuration. Of no less importance is design of Checkout. For this Checkout with Conveyor is specified universal cashier seat type.