Refrigerated wall cabinet Марихолодмаш Купец ВХСп-1.25

  • Sku
  • Type
    Refrigerated wall cabinet
  • length
    1320 mm
  • depth
    955 mm
  • height
    2020 mm
  • refrigeration unit
  • shelves quantity
  • effective volume
    330 dm³
  • exposition area
    2.82 m²
  • refrigeration type
  • minimal temperature
    0 °C
  • maximum temperature
    7 °C
  • configuration
  • case material
    painted metal
  • voltage
    220 V
  • current frequency
    50 Hz
  • power
    0.625 kW
  • standard
  • net weight
    250 kg
  • gross weight
    350 kg
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About product «Refrigerated wall cabinet Марихолодмаш Купец ВХСп-1.25»

This Refrigerated Wall Cabinet Купец ВХСп-1.25 from Марихолодмаш is optimal for vertical laying out of dairy, confectionery and other products. Herewith, the installation of this equipment provides an opportunity for compacted placement and demonstration of products in all types of supermarkets.

Announced by the manufacturer dimensions of the model of Refrigerated Wall Cabinet Купец ВХСп-1.25: depth – 955 mm, length – 1320 mm, height – 2020 mm. And net weight - 250 kg. 330 dm³ features announced for the model Купец ВХСп-1.25 effective volume. Specified in this Refrigerated Wall Cabinet shelves quantity features 4, and refrigeration type- dynamic -, that allows to place a large assortment and to provide access to buyers. Temperature range of the Refrigerated Wall Cabinet Купец ВХСп-1.25 made by Марихолодмаш allows to create optimal conditions for storing semi-finished products and food products. In this model is provided built-in refrigeration unit. For this described Refrigerated Wall Cabinet minimal temperature within the limits 0°C, maximum temperature doesn't exceed 7°C. Specified refrigeration type - dynamic.