Spiral kneader Sottoriva PRISMA 300-E

  • Type
    Spiral kneader
  • output
    300 kg/hr
  • speeds quantity
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • length
    1750 mm
  • depth
    1700 mm
  • height
    1800 mm
  • net weight
    1480 kg

About product «Spiral kneader Sottoriva PRISMA 300-E»

We would like to represent You an Spiral kneader PRISMA 300-E made by SOTTORIVA, is specially made-up mixing different types of dough. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions Spiral kneader PRISMA 300-E from iPelican catalog: length – 1750 mm, depth – 1700 mm, height – 1800 mm. Specified speeds quantity in the model PRISMA 300-E – 2, that gives an opportunity toget high quality regardless underlying recipe. Used in manufacture case material – stainless steel, that makes the using of dough mixer continual. Spiral kneader PRISMA 300-E has robust construction and reliable internal components, that allows long lasting term of smooth operation. This model of equipment is optimal for various food service establishments, as application of Spiral kneader gives an opportunity reduce time and labor costs for preparation of the dough, while providing excellent results.