Dough divider Sottoriva Тестоделитель sottoriva вакуумный svp08-1/r

  • Type
    Dough divider
  • output
    3000 pcs/hr
  • dough dividing
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • length
    730 mm
  • depth
    1630 mm
  • height
    1660 mm
  • net weight
    675 kg

About product «Dough divider Sottoriva Тестоделитель sottoriva вакуумный svp08-1/r»

We represent You a Dough divider SVP08/1-R made by SOTTORIVA, which is perfect for delicate work with raw materials, which is made from flour of different grades – from rye to wheat. Using ofthis represented equipment allows to get equal size and mass of dough pieces of various bakery products. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of Dough divider SVP08/1-R from iPelican catalog: length – 730 mm, depth – 1630 mm, height – 1660 mm. Used in manufacture case material – stainless steel, that makes exploitation of the Dough divider reliable and long life. Dough divider SVP08/1-R has a modern design, and also has a robust construction and high-quality internal components, thatallows long-time term of smooth operation. Also the application ofthis machine allows to optimize the process of preparing of great variety of bakery products, that makes it suitable for using from small private bakeries and in production halls.