Refrigerated island Штрих-М Versa A 250

  • Type
    Refrigerated island
  • refrigeration unit
  • length
    2675 mm
  • depth
    1065 mm
  • height
    915 mm
  • exposition area
    2.02 m²
  • effective volume
    0.59 dm³
  • maximum temperature
    6 °C
  • minimal temperature
    -18 °C
  • exposition depth
    320 mm
  • refrigeration type
  • maximum refrigerating output
    1.771 kW
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    1.8 kW
  • gross weight
    500 kg

About product «Refrigerated island Штрих-М Versa A 250»

This represented Refrigerated Island Versa A 250 made by ШТРИХ-М is optimal for laying out of cook-chill food. Herewith, the installation of these islands allows to place products compacted and demonstratively.

Announced by the manufacturer dimensions of the this model of Refrigerated Island Versa A 250: length – 2675 mm, depth – 1065 mm, height – 915 mm. 0.59 dm³ features announced for the model Versa A 250 effective volume. Herewith, exposition area features 2.02 m². Temperature range of this Refrigerated Island allows to provide the optimal conditions for storing food products. For this represented model of equipment minimal temperature within the limits of -18°C, maximum temperature doesn't exceed 6°C. Mentioned refrigeration type - dynamic. Required for the smooth operation of the Refrigerated Island mains power: current frequency – 50/60 Hz, voltage – 230 V, power – 1.8 kW. This offered Refrigerated Island provides optimal conditions for storing semifinished-products and various food products, and the elaborated configuration and qualitative design will make its employing comfort.