Dough rounder Sottoriva Тестоокруглитель sottoriva as2

  • Type
    Dough rounder
  • length
    1000 mm
  • depth
    920 mm
  • height
    1350 mm
  • net weight
    296 kg

About product «Dough rounder Sottoriva Тестоокруглитель sottoriva as2»

We want to represent Youa Dough rounder AS2 made by SOTTORIVA, which is specially manufactured for mechanized creating from dough products of various types of dough a round form. Furthermore, using of equipment promotes increasing of porosity and compaction of dough, which has a positive impact on the quality of bakery products. Announced dimensions of Dough rounder AS2 from iPelican catalog: length – 1000 mm, depth – 920 mm, height – 1350 mm.