Chicken grill Gastro-Tar OGD-30

  • Type
    Chicken grill
  • installation type
  • chicken capacity
    30 pcs
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • doors material
  • gas power
    11 kW
  • length
    1320 mm
  • depth
    550 mm
  • height
    910 mm
  • net weight
    60 kg

About product «Chicken grill Gastro-Tar OGD-30»

We would like to represent You such kitchen equipment , as chicken grill OGD-30 made byGASTRO-TAR, designed specially for grilling whole chicken and chicken legs and breasts . This model of commercial kitchen equipment is very handy, that allows its widespread use at fast food and any kind of outdoor cafe. Maximal for this model chicken capacity is30 pcs. Due to using this model ofequipment it is possible to prepare appetizing grilled chicken with golden brown crust, and also keep up them hot over the some period of time. Durability of this model of Chicken grill is provided by such case material, as stainless steel. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of the chicken grill OGD-30 from iPelican catalog: length – 1320 mm, depth – 550 mm, height – 910 mm.

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