Food processor Dito Sama DK55VV

  • Sku
  • Type
    Food processor
  • volume
    5.5 l
  • output
    30 kg/hr
  • speed adjustment
  • pulse mode
  • length
    256 mm
  • depth
    415 mm
  • height
    470 mm
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • net weight
    23 kg

About product «Food processor Dito Sama DK55VV»

We would like to represent you this Food processor DK55VV from DITO SAMA, which is perfectly suits for different types of processing of products, used during cooking a great amount of various dishes. The distinctive feature of this performed Food processor – its versatility, as this equipment is combining the functions of blender, grinder, etc. With the help of this food processor, it is quite easy to chop, slice, grind products and also to knead the dough. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of the Food processor DK55VV, represented in iPelican catalog, feature: length – 256 mm, depth – 415 mm, height – 470 mm. Also есть and speed adjustment. Additionally есть pulse mode. The use of the Food processor DK55VV enables not only to speed up the cooking process, but, what is also very important, provides saving energy. This Food processor DK55VV has elaborated configuration and qualitatively manufactured internal components, that provides quite prolonged term of excellent work.


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