Catering trolley Metaltecnica 326.LC

  • Type
    Catering trolley
  • length
    1050 mm
  • depth
    480 mm
  • height
    1100 mm
  • shelves quantity
  • shelf type
  • wheeled feet
  • shelves material
    stainless steel
  • case material

About product «Catering trolley Metaltecnica 326.LC»

We want to represent You Catering Trolley 326.LC made by METALTECNICA is generally used for, to organize storage and transportation serving dishes. The same as, others Catering Trolleys, 326.LC есть wheeled feet, that provide easiness ofmovement.

Announced dimensions of this Catering Trolley 326.LC from iPelican catalog: length – 1050 mm, depth – 480 mm, height – 1100 mm. Designed shelves quantity – 3. Also should be noticed, that shelf type in the Catering Trolley 326.LC specified as solid. In this offered modelcase material – wood. And case material – wood. This model this Catering Trolley 326.LC is optimal forapplication at banquets and other events, providing high quality service and high quality serving food.