Dish collection tray Metaltecnica 639.AS

  • Type
    Dish collection tray
  • length
    600 mm
  • depth
    1150 mm
  • height
    1540 mm
  • wheeled feet
  • case material
    stainless steel

About product «Dish collection tray Metaltecnica 639.AS»

While servicing to guests in various catering establishments with high attendance, You have applicate with great number ofused pans , which is needed quickly clean up from tables. This type Dish collection tray 639.AS made by METALTECNICA is specially aimed for simplify waiters process of cleaning the tables tableware and used dishes. As in other types of Dish Collection trays, 639.AS есть wheeled feet, which provide an ease of movement .

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of this Dish Collection tray 639.AS from iPelican catalog: length – 600 mm, depth – 1150 mm, height – 1540 mm. In this modelcase material – stainless steel. А case material – stainless steel. Due to its characteristics the Dish Collection tray 639.AS is specially made forusing at commercial kitchen.