Sausage stuffer MEC 14 Lt. Oriz.

  • Type
    Sausage stuffer
  • volume
    14 l
  • drive type
  • length
    270 mm
  • depth
    820 mm
  • height
    260 mm
  • net weight
    36 kg

About product «Sausage stuffer MEC 14 Lt. Oriz.»

We represent You Sausage stuffer 14 Lt. Oriz. made by MEC, fits perfectly for stuffing special casings different spreads, such as pate, beef, cheese, butter, etc. Applyingof this professional equipment guarantees adherence to hygiene procedures, which is very important for billet shops and catering establishments. In the model 14 Lt. Oriz. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of Sausage stuffer 14 Lt. Oriz. from iPelican catalog: length – 270 mm, depth – 820 mm, height – 260 mm. Also Sausage stuffer 14 Lt. Oriz. has robust construction and resistant internal components, that guarantees prolonged term of smooth operation. Due to the application of this represented Sausage stuffer catering establishments can produce a wide range of quality products, including wieners, sausages etc.

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