Trolley for drying dishes Metaltecnica 742

  • Type
    Trolley for drying dishes
  • length
    1080 mm
  • depth
    450 mm
  • height
    1400 mm
  • shelf type
    for draining dishes
  • tray
  • plates capacity
    90 pcs
  • wheeled feet
  • shelves material
  • case material
    stainless steel

About product «Trolley for drying dishes Metaltecnica 742»

This represented model Trolley for drying dishes 742 made by METALTECNICA is generally usedfor not only drying dishes, but also for the transportation , thatmeans ease of application atin washing shops of catering enterprises. As in other types of Trolleys for drying dishes, in742 есть wheeled feet, which allow convenience ofmovement.

According to the manufacturer’s instruction dimensions of this Trolley for drying dishes 742: length – 1080 mm, depth – 450 mm, height – 1400 mm. It also should be noticed, that shelf type in this model of Trolley for drying dishes742 determines as for draining dishes. Additionally есть tray. In this offered modelcase material – stainless steel. А case material – stainless steel, that guarantees durability and continuous operating life. Permissible plates capacity is about – 90.

Due to high-quality performance and ease of operation of this Trolley for drying dishes742 is perfect for using at various commercial kitchen.