Fish scaler KT Рыбочистка kt-s

  • Type
    Fish scaler
  • length
    230 mm
  • depth
    190 mm
  • height
    240 mm
  • antisplash
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    0.1 kW
  • net weight
    9 kg

About product «Fish scaler KT Рыбочистка kt-s»

This Fish scaler KT-S made by KT fits perfectlyfor removing fish scales. Using ofrepresented kitchen equipment gives a possibility - qualitative, hygienically and quickly clean the fish. One more advantage – that this Fish scalerKT-S does not need special care and easy to clean. This equipment is very simple to use, control system – electromechanical. Required for the stable operation of the equipment mains power from iPelican catalog: voltage – 230 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz, power – 0.1 kW. Additional ease of use provides antisplash, which есть in this model. Used in manufacturing process of this Fish scalercase material – stainless steel, which makes application of equipment continuous. Therewith, this Fish scaler KT-S has robust construction and durable internal components, that guarantees|provides|allows} continuous term of perfect operation.