Barbecue grill Heidebrenner Denver 230 BPD 02

  • Sku
  • Type
    Barbecue grill
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • gas power
    11.6 kW
  • length
    820 mm
  • depth
    410 mm
  • height
    230 mm

About product «Barbecue grill Heidebrenner Denver 230 BPD 02»

We would like to represent You such professional equipment, as Barbeque grill Denver 230 BPD 02 made by HEIDEBRENNER, wich is manufactured specially for cooking various grilled dishes. This of the equipment fits in the optimal way for food service establishments, and also for catering establishments. Barbeque grill is perfect for cooking meat, poultry and fish, that allows significantly expand the menu of any catering establishment through with nothing comparable to taste dishes, preapared on grill. Long life of operation is allowed bycase material, as stainless steel. Announced dimensions Barbeque grill Denver 230 BPD 02 from iPelican catalog: length – 820 mm, depth – 410 mm, height – 230 mm. Herewith, in this Barbeque grill - – gas.