Neutral top Ambach 7ATL/50

  • Sku
  • Type
    Neutral top
  • length
    500 mm
  • depth
    700 mm
  • height
    270 mm
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • net weight
    40 kg
  • gross weight
    43 kg

About product «Neutral top Ambach 7ATL/50»

We offer you Neutral top 7ATL/50 made by AMBACH, which fits for applying as composing the line of thermal equipment, that also ensures convenience for staff. Announced dimensions of the Neutral top with 7ATL/50: length – 500 mm, depth – 700 mm, height – 270 mm. Herewith, case material – stainless steel, that makes the operating of Neutral top long life.


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