Hood type dishwasher Angelo Po KD100A

  • Type
    Hood type dishwasher
  • baskets size
    500х500 mm
  • washing cycles duration
    120 sec
  • required water pressure
    2 bar
  • hot rinsing water consumption
    135 l
  • maximum plates diameter
    41 mm
  • boiler capacity
    10 l
  • tank capacity
    30 l
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • arms material
  • voltage
    400 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    10.12 kW
  • length
    720 mm
  • depth
    730 mm
  • height
    1410 mm
  • gross weight
    130 kg
  • net weight
    120 kg

About product «Hood type dishwasher Angelo Po KD100A»

Door-type dishwasher KD100A made by ANGELO PO is aimed for professional and qualitative washing dishware. This model with no problem cleans not only dishware and tableware, but even used in a professional kitchen equipment. Taking into account short duration of washing cycle, high productivity gives availability of cleandishware, so necessary for quality service .

Announced dimensions of this door-type washer KD100A are: length – 720 mm, depth – 730 mm, height – 1410 mm. Optimal baskets size – 500х500 mm. For professional washing in this dishwashing machine maximum plates diameter is 41 mm. For steady operation of this model of door-type dishwasher required water pressure within the limits 2 bar. This model of door-type dishwasher satisfies all standards. In this offered model case material is stainless steel. This door-type washer KD100A, no more properly performed and durable, but also is very handy. Using this model of door-type dishwasher #name will be - a good choice for different kinds of canteens.