Grocery display unit Es System K LCP Pegas NZ 90°

  • Type
    Grocery display unit
  • depth
    1547 mm
  • height
    1185 mm
  • effective volume
    225 dm³
  • refrigeration unit
  • minimal temperature
    -1 °C
  • maximum temperature
    5 °C
  • cooling agent
  • construction
  • light
  • case material
    painted metal
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • net weight
    135 kg

About product «Grocery display unit Es System K LCP Pegas NZ 90°»

Grocery Display Unit LCP Pegas NZ 90° made by ES SYSTEM K is specially designed for laying-out and sale of a gastronomic production. The model LCP Pegas NZ 90°, represented in iPelican catalog, works in the following temperature range: minimal temperature -1 °C, а maximum temperature 5 °C. As for design features, there is construction, of of the represented covered. Also есть and light, which allows to perform the production in maximally attractive way.