Neutral salad bar Angelo Po BON2I6C

  • Type
    Neutral salad bar
  • length
    2120 mm
  • depth
    730 mm
  • height
    1265 mm
  • light
  • front panel material
  • case material
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    0.036 kW

About product «Neutral salad bar Angelo Po BON2I6C»

This offered Neutral salad bar BON2I6C made by ANGELO PO is used for demonstration of dishes and their short-term storage. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of the Neutral salad bar BON2I6C: length – 2120 mm, depth – 730 mm, height – 1265 mm. In the process of organizing the storage of food an important role plays strict adherence of temperature parameters. Neutral salad bar BON2I6C fully complies with the requirements. The design of the Neutral salad bar answers all standards of quality. Thus, in the performed model case material – wood. Through the used in manufacture high-quality materials ensures a long life operation and durability. It should be noticed, that Neutral salad bar Neutral salad bar BON2I6C not only has a modern design, but also has a robust configuration and resistant internal components, which enable an excellent operation over the long term. Such equipment is an ideal variant for the organization of guest service in many catering establishments.


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