Convection oven Foinox FDE10/155EP1

  • Type
    Convection oven
  • levels
  • energy source
  • convection
  • gastronome container size
  • guide-to-guide distance
    90 mm
  • steam generator self-cleaning device
  • chamber auto cleaning system
  • case material
    painted metal
  • work chamber material
    stainless steel
  • voltage
    400 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    13 kW
  • colour
  • length
    812 mm
  • depth
    1220 mm
  • height
    1363 mm
  • work length
    490 mm
  • work depth
    635 mm
  • work height
    945 mm
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About product «Convection oven Foinox FDE10/155EP1»

This offered model of Convection ovenFDE10/155EP1 made by FOINOX best way fits for baking a variety of pastries, and moreover for preparing one-piece semi-finished products, dishes of fish, meat and vegetables. With applying of equipment baking process is substantially accelerated, that allowsto optimize the performance of a professional kitchen. Announced dimensions Convection oven FDE10/155EP1 from iPelican catalog: length – 812 mm, depth – 1220 mm, height – 1363 mm. Adjusted work dimensions – 490 mm, work depth – 635 mm, work height – 945 mm. Optimal gastronome container size – 600х400. Furthermore, specified guide-to-guide distance for Gastronorm containers – 90 mm. It is important to notice, that Convection oven FDE10/155EP1 gives an opportunity bake bakery and confectionery products of the highest quality, while baking uniformity is ensured by a uniform circulation of hot air in the chamber. It is also very important to note, thatduring all types of baking, the quality of food remains high. And, what is also very important, this Convection oven is very handy, control system – electromechanical.

The design of the carcass and working chamber of the Convection oven answers all quality standards. In represented model case material – painted metal. Announced colour of the carcass – yellow. Used in manufacture work chamber material - stainless steel. Required for the stable operation of the equipment mains power: voltage – 400 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz, power – 13 kW.

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