Conveyor dishwasher Electrolux EFT 1S

  • Type
    Conveyor dishwasher
  • baskets
    168 pcs/hr
  • plates
    2800 pcs/hr
  • wash temperature
    90 °C
  • rinsing temperature
    65 °C
  • water consumption
    320 l/hr
  • required water pressure
    3 bar
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • voltage
    400 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    3.8 kW
  • length
    3900 mm
  • depth
    880 mm
  • height
    1750 mm

About product «Conveyor dishwasher Electrolux EFT 1S»

Conveyor dishwasher EFT 1S made byELECTROLUX is aimed for high-grade washing dishware in restaurants. Full automation of work processgives a possibility to make number of wash cycles, which is may be required. The model EFT 1S fits greatly, for example, for restaurants with a large number of seats.

Announced dimensions of the conveyor dish washer EFT 1S are: length – 3900 mm, depth – 880 mm, height – 1750 mm. During washing process in offered dishwasher loaded in special cassets dishware shift along conveyor tape between different зонами мытья, thereby the process becomes the most effective. Average wash temperature in such dishwaher is no more 90 °C. Upon that, rinsing temperature is 65 °C. For steady operation of this conveyor dishwashing equipment required water pressure is 3 bar. Upon that water consumption is 320 l/hr. This model of conveyor dishwasher complies all standards. In offered model case material is stainless steel. This conveyor dishwasher EFT 1S, not only properly performed and functional, but also Using this model of dishwasher will - optimal solution for different kinds of restaurants.