Counter Angelo Po SLEIC10

  • Type
  • length
    1087.5 mm
  • depth
    750 mm
  • height
    880 mm
  • counter configuration
  • shelves quantity
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • steel grade
    AISI 304

About product «Counter Angelo Po SLEIC10»

we would like to represent You such professional equipment, as Neutral element SLEIC10, made by ANGELO PO. This model of Neutral element, which main purpose is laying out of dishes, glasses, etc., optimally suits for formation of distribution line. For more convenience this Neutral element may have various shelves quantity, this represented model has 1.

Announced dimensions: length – 1087.5 mm, depth – 750 mm, height – 880 mm. Announcedcase material – stainless steel. Used in manufacture of these Neutral elements steel grade – AISI 304.


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