French fries station Fagor MF6-05

  • Type
    French fries station
  • length
    400 mm
  • depth
    650 mm
  • height
    290 mm
  • work surface skirting
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • power
    1 kW

About product «French fries station Fagor MF6-05»

This offered model of French fries station MF6-05 made by FAGOR is optimal for gentle heating of ready french fries, thereby,the loss of the taste of the product is completely excluded.

The use of equipment particularly important for fast-food. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions French fries station MF6-05 from iPelican catalog feature: length – 400 mm, depth – 650 mm, height – 290 mm. Therewith, есть work surface skirting. And, what is also very important, this French fries station is quite simple to use, control system – electromechanical. The design of French fries station satisfies all quality standards. In the represented model case material – stainless steel.


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