Lava stone grill Fagor BG7-10

  • Type
    Lava stone grill
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • gas power
    13.95 kW
  • length
    700 mm
  • depth
    755 mm
  • height
    290 mm

About product «Lava stone grill Fagor BG7-10»

We represent You Lava stone grill BG7-10 made by FAGOR, which is designed for preparing a wide variety grilled meals – steaks, kebabs, vegetables, etc . This offered equipment fits as for food service establishments, and also for well-known catering. Dishes, prepared on grill, in their appearance and taste are as good as dishes, whichwere prepared on an open fire. Lava stone grills are perfect for cooking of semi-finished products on the grid, herewith, there is no need to add fat, thus, all minerals and vitamins in products will be saved. The stability of parameters to external factors is provided by such case material, as stainless steel. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions Lava stone grill BG7-10 from iPelican catalog: length – 700 mm, depth – 755 mm, height – 290 mm. Cooking process in this Lava stone grill allows evenly distribute obtained from tubular heating elements heat, and also this material absorbs fat, outhrowed {in preparation various dishes.


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