Low temperature split system Rivacold STL260Z012

  • Type
    Low temperature split system
  • optimal cooled volume of chamber
    294 m³
  • minimal temperature
    -25 °C
  • maximum temperature
    -15 °C
  • maximum refrigerating output
    13.717 kW
  • minimal refrigerating output
    10.345 kW
  • cooling agent
  • voltage monitor
  • piping included
    10 m
  • case material
    painted metal
  • control unit
  • control system
  • voltage
    400 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    8.83 kW
  • net weight
    321 kg
  • gross weight
    398 kg

About product «Low temperature split system Rivacold STL260Z012»

We would like to represent Low temperature split system STL260Z012 made by RIVACOLD fits perfectly to maintain required temperatures and cool internal refrigerating chambers. Upon that optimal cooled volume of chamber – 294. For the model STL260Z012 minimal temperature is -25 °C. Also maximum temperature is -15 °C. For convenient use есть voltage monitor. Furthermore, 10 и piping included. Required for the stable operation of the equipment mains power: voltage – 400 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz, power – 8.83 kW.

And, what is also very important, this Medium temperature split system is vey simple to use, control system – electronic. Also есть control unit. The technical perfomance of the equipment satisfies standards. And in represented model case material – painted metal.