Walk-In freezer Polair Professionale (100мм) - 32.31 3500x5000x2500

  • Type
    Walk-In freezer
  • volume
    32.31 m³
  • panels connection type
    tongue in groove
  • door
  • panels thickness
    100 mm
  • panels material
    galvanized steel
  • insulation material
  • length
    3500 mm
  • depth
    5000 mm
  • height
    2500 mm

About product «Walk-In freezer Polair Professionale (100мм) - 32.31 3500x5000x2500»

The represented model of Walk-in freezer Professionale (100мм) - 32.31 3500x5000x2500 made byPOLAIR consists of modular cooling mounting, the main purpose of which – maintain the temperature in a closed space. This model of commercial equipment fits greatly freezing and storage of different products, and, of coarse fruits and vegetables. Announced dimensions of the Walk-in freezer Professionale (100мм) - 32.31 3500x5000x2500 from iPelican catalog: length – 3500 mm, depth – 5000 mm, height – 2500 mm. Ready-made construction of the freezer consists of panels, so that resistance of the construction isis supplied by such panels connection type, as tongue in groove. Strength and durability of the construction also caused by, that panels material – galvanized steel. Upon that for the panels was used such quality insulation material, as polyurethane, due to this, the loading of refrigerating equipment, and along with it, and overall operating costs are reduced. Standard for this Walk-in freezer panels thickness is100 mm. Evidently, that all structural elements of the chamber Professionale (100мм) - 32.31 3500x5000x2500 are made of high-quality materials, whichmeet all the most strict health and safety policy, required forprofessional refrigerating equipment.