Front-loading dishwasher Fagor AD-15

  • Type
    Front-loading dishwasher
  • baskets size
    350х350 mm
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • power
    2.66 kW
  • length
    430 mm
  • depth
    475 mm
  • height
    650 mm

About product «Front-loading dishwasher Fagor AD-15»

Front-loading dishwasher AD-15 made by FAGOR is made up for professional and quality cleaning tableware. It is easy wash off not only dishes, but also cutlery, tableware, glasses. Announced dimensions Front-loading dishwasher AD-15 from iPelican catalog: length – 430 mm, depth – 475 mm, height – 650 mm. Due to its size this machine guaranteed fits even for those food service establishments, for which the actual problem is limited space. Optimal baskets size – 350х350 mm. The technical perfomance of the Front-loading dishwasher answers to quality standards. And,in represented model case material – stainless steel, which ensures durability. And, what is also very important, this Front-loading dishwasher is quite simple to use, control system – electronic. This Front-loading dishwasher AD-15 not only qualitatively made and functional, but also very easy to operate. Its use will be actual at different catering establishments.