Refrigerated display case Ариада Умбриель Классик ВС 19-260-5

  • Type
    Refrigerated display case
  • length
    2600 mm
  • depth
    1225 mm
  • height
    1400 mm
  • effective volume
    410 dm³
  • exposition area
    5 m²
  • refrigeration unit
  • minimal temperature
    2 °C
  • maximum temperature
    10 °C
  • maximum refrigerating output
    0.9 kW
  • light
  • cutting board
  • auto defrosting
  • control unit

About product «Refrigerated display case Ариада Умбриель Классик ВС 19-260-5»

Confectionery Display Unit Умбриель Классик ВС 19-260-5 made by АРИАДА is designed for layout of confectionery. The model works in the in the following temperature range: minimal temperature 2 °C, and maximum temperature 10 °C. Also есть and light, that enables to represent your production looking attractive for consumers. Confectionery Display Unit АРИАДА Умбриель Классик ВС 19-260-5 will suit for a broad spectrum of food courts.