Butcher's table Гомельторгмаш СР-2а

  • Type
    Butcher's table
  • length
    1500 mm
  • depth
    1000 mm
  • height
    930 mm
  • work surface skirting
  • work surface material
    stainless steel
  • washing bath
  • wheeled feet
  • case material
    stainless steel

About product «Butcher's table Гомельторгмаш СР-2а»

The whole range of raw meat (beef, pork, poultry and other), used in the catering establishments for preparation of various meat products, semi-finished products and dishes|various dishes, semi-finished products and a great variety of meat products|various dishes, and also great number of semi-finished products and meat products|semi-finished products, various dishes and also meat products|various dishes and semi-finished products} supplied as carcasses, meat sides, quarters of meat carcasses and at one of the first steps it comes cutting, that anticipates deboning and trimming.The essence of deboning is that it is necessary to separate the muscular membrane from bone scraps. At the next stage, it comes trimming, by the way of which it is separated from the pulp remaining small bones, cartilage, blood vessels and connective tissue, and fat, if necessary. We would like to represent you such professional kitchen equipment, as Butcher's table СР-2а made by ГОМЕЛЬТОРГМАШ, which gives an opportunity to organize the processing of raw meat at the proper level. Announced dimensions of Butcher's table СР-2а from iPelican catalog: length – 1500 mm, depth – 1000 mm, height – 930 mm. Used in manufacture work surface material – stainless steel, that makes the appliance of this represented table maximally reliable and long life. Furthermore,case material – stainless steel. For the convenience of use in the model СР-2а есть work surface skirting. Additionally, есть wheeled feet, that allows if need arises to move this represented table within the production areas and provides ease of operation. The appliance of this represented Butcher's table and trimming provides to organize perfect processing ofall types of raw meat in optimal way.