Rack trolley Rada ТШ2-1/12Н (400х600)

  • Type
    Rack trolley
  • length
    500 mm
  • depth
    610 mm
  • height
    1680 mm
  • levels
  • stand type
  • gastronome container size
  • maximum load
    200 kg
  • backing trays guides
  • wheeled feet
  • steel grade
    AISI 304
  • stand material
    stainless steel
  • packing
  • net weight
    26 kg
  • gross weight
    29 kg

About product «Rack trolley Rada ТШ2-1/12Н (400х600)»

We represent You Rack trolley ТШ2-1/12Н (400х600) made by RADA, which generally using for installation and transportation gastronorm containers with ready meals, and also with semi-finished meals. The same, as in other types of Rack trolleys, inТШ2-1/12Н (400х600) есть wheeled feet, which allow ease ofmoving.

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions Rack trolleys ТШ2-1/12Н (400х600): length – 500 mm, depth – 610 mm, height – 1680 mm. Upon that steel grade – AISI 304. Fixedgastronome container size – 600х400. This model of Rack trolley ТШ2-1/12Н (400х600) optimally fits for application atcommercial kitchens.