Rack trolley Hupfer TTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK

  • Sku
  • Type
    Rack trolley
  • length
    1563 mm
  • depth
    801 mm
  • height
    1564 mm
  • gastronome containers capacity
  • wheeled feet
  • case material
    stainless steel

About product «Rack trolley Hupfer TTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK»

During the process of serving, waiters, restaurant staff at restaurants and other catering establishmentswith high occupancy guest areas , have to workusually great quantity ofvarious of dishes, and also necessary for serving dinnerware, and also dishes, that remain on the tables after the guests have finished their meal . To optimize this process is possible using special equipment. Rack trolley, as TTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK made by HUPFER, constructedspecial way and ideally fits for short-term storage of food and transport them. Another purposeof this type Transport trolley – transportation ofready meals. the same, as in other types of Transport trolleys, TTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK есть wheeled feet, providing convenience of movement.

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of the Transport trolleyTTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK: length – 1563 mm, depth – 801 mm, height – 1564 mm. In the offered model of Transport trolley case material – stainless steel. А case material – stainless steel. And Maximal gastronome containers capacity – 30. As You can see, such Transport trolley TTW/M 3/30 L-GN-115 PK optimally goes forapplication atvarious types of restaurants.