Meat mixer SAP IMP1002 400

  • Type
    Meat mixer
  • output
    17 kg/hr
  • length
    1160 mm
  • depth
    570 mm
  • height
    1040 mm
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • installation type
    floor standing
  • control system
  • voltage
    400 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    1.8 kW
  • standard
  • colour
  • net weight
    110 kg

About product «Meat mixer SAP IMP1002 400»

The offered model of Meat mixer IMP1002 400 made by SAP serves for rapid and uniform mixing of fish or ground beef with great variety of components. This model IMP1002 400 floor standing installation type [тип установки]. Announced dimensions of Meat mixer IMP1002 400 from iPelican catalog: length – 1160 mm, depth – 570 mm, height – 1040 mm. This of this professional equipment is very simple to use, control system – electromechanical, that is for the organization of the working process is sufficiently participation of only one expert of stuffing. Required for the stable operation of the equipment mains power: voltage – 400 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz, power – 1.8 kW. Meat mixer IMP1002 400 is robust and qualitative internal components, that allows essential term of perfect operation. Moreover, using ofoffered machine gives an opportunity with the lowest labor costs to achieve high results by mixing different components of mincemeat.


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