Grocery display unit Cold W-25 PVK-k/o

  • Type
    Grocery display unit
  • length
    2580 mm
  • depth
    1200 mm
  • height
    830 mm
  • effective volume
    517 dm³
  • exposition depth
    855 mm
  • exposition area
    2.14 m²
  • refrigeration unit
  • minimal temperature
    2 °C
  • maximum temperature
    8 °C
  • cooling agent
  • construction
    open (self)
  • maximum refrigerating output
    1.05 kW
  • light
  • auto defrosting
  • tabletop material
    stainless steel
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz

About product «Grocery display unit Cold W-25 PVK-k/o»

Grocery Display Unit W-25 PVK-k/o from COLD is designed specially for laying-out and sale of a variety of products. The model W-25 PVK-k/o, represented in iPelican catalog, works in the following temperature range: minimal temperature 2 °C, а maximum temperature 8 °C. General exposition area, designed for the convenient layout of a wide variety of gastronomic products, features 2.14. As for design features, there is construction, of of the represented open (self). Also есть and light, which allows to perform the production in the most attractive way.