Refrigerated wall cabinet for fruit Cold R-20

  • Type
    Refrigerated wall cabinet for fruit
  • length
    2025 mm
  • depth
    900 mm
  • height
    2040 mm
  • refrigeration unit
  • shelves quantity
  • exposition area
    4.22 m²
  • shelves width
    400 mm
  • refrigeration type
  • minimal temperature
    4 °C
  • maximum temperature
    10 °C
  • cooling agent
  • maximum refrigerating output
    1.8 kW
  • line stitching
  • top light
  • auto defrosting
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • net weight
    340 kg
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About product «Refrigerated wall cabinet for fruit Cold R-20»

This performed Refrigerated Wall Cabinet for fruit R-20 from COLD is specially designed for vertical laying out different fruits. Herewith, the employment of these wall cabinets in supermarkets and markets allows to ensure effective merchandising.

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of the Refrigerated Wall Cabinet for fruit R-20: length – 2025 mm, height – 2040 mm, depth – 900 mm. And net weight features 340 kg. Specified in this Refrigerated Wall Cabinet shelves quantity features 4, and refrigeration type- static -, that enables to demonstrate a large assortment and to create favorable conditions for buyers. Temperature range, set in this Refrigerated Wall Cabinet, creates optimal conditions for storing fruit. In this offered model is provided built-in refrigeration unit. For this Refrigerated Wall Cabinet minimal temperature features 4°C, maximum temperature doesn't exceed 10°C. Mentioned refrigeration type - static. For the ease of operating also есть auto defrosting.