Cooking oven Kocateq EB420

  • Type
    Cooking oven
  • chambers quantity
  • maximum temperature
    300 °C
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • energy source
  • voltage
    230 V
  • current frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • power
    3 kW
  • length
    666 mm
  • depth
    450 mm
  • height
    440 mm
  • work length
    420 mm
  • work depth
    340 mm
  • work height
    200 mm
  • gross weight
    35 kg

About product «Cooking oven Kocateq EB420»

We would like to represent you Cooking oven EB420 made by KOCATEQ, is perfect for stewing and frying of fish, meat, vegetables and other dishes, and more of it, for baking pastry. Without represented equipment it is quite difficult to imagine the work of hot shop every type of catering establishments, where it is canteen or bar. Announced dimensions of Cooking oven EB420: length – 666 mm, depth – 450 mm, height – 440 mm. Specified work dimensions – 420 mm, work depth – 340 mm, work height – 200 mm. Besides, it is worth notice, that this Cooking oven EB420 gives a possibility of simultaneouscooking of several dishes at different levels, and as a result the time required for cooking, significantly reduces, the quality remains high. And, what is also very important, this model of Cooking oven is quite simple to use, control system – electromechanical. Required for the stable operation of the equipment mains power: voltage – 230 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz, power – 3 kW. Robust technical features of the carcass and working chamber of the Cooking oven satisfies all standards of quality. In represented model case material – stainless steel. This represented model, Cooking oven of Cooking oven EB420, not only properly fulfilled and functional, but is also very easy to operate.


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