Bain-marie Cold G 073-03 E

  • Type
  • length
    1075 mm
  • depth
    600 mm
  • height
    390 mm
  • energy source
  • heating type
  • included gastronome containers quantity
    3 pcs
  • heating elements quantity

About product «Bain-marie Cold G 073-03 E»

This Bain-marie G 073-03 E made by COLD is a type of commercial kitchen equipment, which is generally used to maintain optimal temperatures of already prepared dishes, that allows avoid cooling and subsequent heating, which may adversely affect including on gustatory quality. Herewith, heating elements quantity is about1. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions Bain-marie G 073-03 E from iPelican catalog: length – 1075 mm, depth – 600 mm, height – 390 mm. Specified included gastronome containers quantity features 3. The design of Bain-marie answers all standards.

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