Kebab grill Zanolli 60 G

  • Type
    Kebab grill
  • maximum load
    60 kg
  • gas power
    14 kW
  • colour
  • length
    510 mm
  • depth
    600 mm
  • height
    1120 mm
  • net weight
    34 kg

About product «Kebab grill Zanolli 60 G»

We want to offer You kebab grill 60 G made by ZANOLLI, is configurated for automatic cooking using heat, allocated by the heating elements. These grills arequite simple in use and widely used for cookingsuch popular doner kebab. The technology of roasting meat using this type of kebab grill includes threading meat cuts on a long skewer,which isplaced vertically and rotates around its axis close to heating elements, that allows to achieve uniform roasting and avoid the possibility of burning. Announced dimensions of the kebab grill 60 G from iPelican catalog: length – 510 mm, depth – 600 mm, height – 1120 mm. Maximal maximum load – 60 kg.


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