Hot dog steamer Apw Wyott DS-1A

  • Type
    Hot dog steamer
  • integrated storage compartment for bread
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • voltage
    110 V
  • current frequency
    16 Hz
  • power
    0.8 kW
  • colour
  • length
    406.4 mm
  • depth
    355.6 mm
  • height
    520.7 mm
  • net weight
    16.3293 kg

About product «Hot dog steamer Apw Wyott DS-1A»

This Hot Dog Steamer DS-1A from APW Wyott is generally used for quick cooking enjoys such great popularity among fast food – hot dog in a warm bun. This machine enables to cook sausages steaming, and also, this steamer may be employed for keeping at required tempearture fried sausages and buns. As for of a hot dog is required not only a sausage, but also a fresh warm bun, in this performed machine additionally есть integrated storage compartment for bread. According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of Hot Dog steam cooker DS-1A: length – 406.4 mm, depth – 355.6 mm, height – 520.7 mm, and net weight - 16.33 kg. And also in the manufacture of cooker DS-1A was used high-quality case material – stainless steel, which ensures long term of operation. Required mains power, represented in iPelican catalog, feature: current frequency – 16 Hz, power – 0.8 kW, voltage – 110 V.


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