Food processor Alexander Solia AW PGS 300

  • Type
    Food processor
  • output
    5000 kg/hr
  • case material
    stainless steel

About product «Food processor Alexander Solia AW PGS 300»

We would like to represent you this Food processor AW PGS 300 from ALEXANDER SOLIA, which is in the optimal way suits for many types of processing of food products, used for preparing a great amount of various dishes. One of the main feature of Food processor – its versatility, as this kitchen processor put together the functions of various electromechanical devices, such as meat grinder, blender, etc . With the use of this performed food processor, it is quite easy to chop, slice, grind products and even to knead the dough. The applying of the Food processor AW PGS 300 enables not only to speed up the cooking process, but, what is also very important, provides saving energy. Used in manufacture case material – stainless steel. This Food processor AW PGS 300 has a robust configuration and qualitative internal components, that that enables a long time term of excellent work.