Hamburger press Kocateq HF100

  • Type
    Hamburger press
  • output
    300 pcs/hr
  • hamburger diameter
    100 mm
  • drive type
  • control system
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • length
    275 mm
  • depth
    220 mm
  • height
    295 mm

About product «Hamburger press Kocateq HF100»

We would like to present you Hamburger Press HF100 from KOCATEQ. Represented press, used for forming smooth and flavorful burgers , simple and easy inusing. For tis represented press for hamburgers output is 300 pcs/hr. Also hamburger diameter is 100 mm.

According to manufacturer’s instruction dimensions of the press for hamburgers HF100 are: length – 275 mm, depth – 220 mm, height – 295 mm. Provided for this model of equipment drive type - mechanical. Specified control system of the press for hamburgers HF100 mechanical.

Represented in the iPelican catalog press for stuffing HF100 has a firm construction andreliable internal components, whichallows very long term ofwork of this press. Applied by the manufacturer case material – stainless steel. Application ofthis model of ofpress for hamburgers allows to molde burgers from ground beef.


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