Rotating oven Kocateq OMJ4615Gas

  • Type
    Rotating oven
  • levels
  • energy source
  • heating element type
    thermoelectric heater
  • convection
  • steam humidification
  • gastronome container size
  • thermal glass window
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • control system
  • length
    170 mm
  • depth
    171 mm
  • height
    221 mm
  • net weight
    1300 kg

About product «Rotating oven Kocateq OMJ4615Gas»

Rotating oven OMJ4615Gas made by KOCATEQ is made up for baking all kinds of bread. Moreover, such ovens are widely used not only in bakeries, but also often used in the kitchens of various organizations catering. Due to use of this offered professional equipment baking process is substantially accelerated, that allows to optimize the work of commercial kitchen. Announced dimensions of Rotating oven OMJ4615Gas from iPelican catalog: length – 170 mm, depth – 171 mm, height – 221 mm. Optimal gastronome container size – 600х400. Herewith, the adjusted quantity levels is 18. For the convenience of use it is very important, that Rotating oven OMJ4615Gas allows bake bakery and confectionery products of the highest quality, while baking uniformity is ensured by a uniform circulation of hot air in the chamber. In order to monitor the fishes during their preparation in this Rotating oven есть thermal glass window. Additionally, есть convection. In this described model there is also есть steam humidification, and due to this the surface of baked products becomes shiny. It should be also mentioned, that during the preparation, in Rotating oven the quality of food remains high. And, what is also very important, this oven is very handy, control system – electronic. The design of the carcass and the working chamber of this model of Rotating oven answer standards. In this model case material – stainless steel.


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