Serving trolley Blanco SW 10 x 6-4

  • Sku
    569 781
  • Type
    Serving trolley
  • length
    1100 mm
  • depth
    700 mm
  • height
    1350 mm
  • shelves quantity
  • shelf type
  • wheeled feet
  • shelves material
    stainless steel
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • net weight
    40 kg

About product «Serving trolley Blanco SW 10 x 6-4»

For the serving of the table in a restaurant ,waiters, restaurant workers at restaurants and other food service establishments they have tocooperatewith great number various dishes, and also utensils for serving.

For optimizing this process You can applying special equipment. This Serving trolley SW 10 x 6-4 made by BLANCO is perfect for, ease forservice personnel the process ofserving. Another purpose ofthis type Serving trolley –transportation ofused dinneware towashing shops. As in other types of serving trolleys, inSW 10 x 6-4 есть wheeled feet, which provide the simplicity of movement.

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions of SW 10 x 6-4: length – 1100 mm, depth – 700 mm, height – 1350 mm. Provided shelves quantity – 4. It also should be noted, that shelf type in Serving trolley SW 10 x 6-4 determine as solid. In this offered model case material – stainless steel. А case material – stainless steel. Thanks to high-quality performance and ease of operation Serving trolley SW 10 x 6-4 is optimal for using at differentof catering establishments.


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