Rack trolley Blanco RWR 160

  • Sku
    572 934
  • Type
    Rack trolley
  • length
    460 mm
  • depth
    613 mm
  • height
    1645 mm
  • gastronome containers capacity
  • wheeled feet
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • net weight
    15 kg

About product «Rack trolley Blanco RWR 160»

During the process of serving, service staff at restaurants, bars and cafeswith everyday high attendance, have to bringusually great amount ofserved dishes, and also necessary for serving dinnerware, and also dishes, that remain on the tables after the guests have finished their meal . To optimize this process is possible due to professional equipment. This offered Rack trolley, as RWR 160 made by BLANCO, constructedthe way, that and optimally fits for transportation serves. Supplementaryof describing Transport trolley – transportation ofcooked dishes. As in other types of Transport trolleys, RWR 160 есть wheeled feet, providing ease movement.

Announced dimensions of the Transport trolleyRWR 160: length – 460 mm, depth – 613 mm, height – 1645 mm. In this offered model of Transport trolley case material – stainless steel. А case material – stainless steel. And Maximal gastronome containers capacity – 18. Thanks to its high-quality performance Transport trolley RWR 160 the best way goes forapplication atall kinds of commercial kitchens.


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