Catering trolley Blanco TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE

  • Sku
    573 304
  • Type
    Catering trolley
  • length
    1438 mm
  • depth
    722 mm
  • height
    1324 mm
  • gastronome containers capacity
  • wheeled feet
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • net weight
    121 kg

About product «Catering trolley Blanco TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE»

We want to represent You Catering Trolley TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE made by BLANCO is generally used for, to organize storage and transportation cooked dishes. The same as, others Catering Trolleys, TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE есть wheeled feet, that provide freedom ofits movement.

Announced dimensions of this Catering Trolley TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE from iPelican catalog: length – 1438 mm, depth – 722 mm, height – 1324 mm. In this offered modelcase material – stainless steel. And case material – stainless steel. Due to the high-quality performance and easiness in exploitation this Catering Trolley TTW-FPK 24-115 DSDE is specially made forusing at banquets and other events, upon that providing high quality service and high quality serving food.