Counter Тулаторгтехника ПН-1(3)

  • Type
  • counter configuration
  • trays guides
  • sockets quantity
  • net weight
    54 kg

About product «Counter Тулаторгтехника ПН-1(3)»

We would like to offer You Neutral element ПН-1(3), made by ТУЛАТОРГТЕХНИКА. This model of Neutral element, which main purpose is laying out of dishes, glasses, etc., optimally fits for formation of distribution line. To make the process of self-service handy and convenient forguestsof cafes and other catering establishments so they are able to make their choice in the most comfortable conditions, moving a tray of dishes, instead of keeping it in suspension, in Neutral element есть trays guides. General net weight features54 kg.