Kitchen cabinet Inoksan RED 126

  • Type
    Kitchen cabinet
  • length
    1200 mm
  • depth
    600 mm
  • height
    1600 mm
  • shelves quantity
  • shelf type
  • doors quantity
  • doors type
  • door
  • rear side material
    stainless steel
  • case material
    stainless steel
  • shelves material
  • steel grade
    AISI 304
  • wheeled feet

About product «Kitchen cabinet Inoksan RED 126»

We would like to represent You such professional kitchen equipment, as Kitchen cabinet RED 126 made by INOKSAN. This model optimally goes for storage of used products, wide variety of kitcheware, cutlery ,etc. The clever designof such cabinet satisfies all actual for food service requirements, and reliable performance guarantees long time term of exploitation.

According to the manufacturer's instruction dimensions Kitchen cabinet RED 126: length – 1200 mm, depth – 600 mm, height – 1600 mm. Adjusted shelves quantity – 4. And shelf type is determined as solid. In this modelof Kitchen cabinet case material the material of the carcass – stainless steel, that provides a great opportunity to reduce greatly negative impact of external factors, such as typical conditions of increased humidity of washing areas. Herewith,steel grade – AISI 304. And shelves material – wood. In the model RED 126 doors quantity – 2. The distinction ofthis perfomed Kitchen cabinet – hinged doors type. The installation of this Kitchen cabinet RED 126 gives an opportunity to organize the working area of technical rooms in optimal way.


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