Romeo Aqustoni offers a iPelican equipment

Romeo Aqustoni

Electromechanical equipment

The Company Ing. Romeo Agustoni srl estabilished in 1916, boast a patrimony of consolidated experience, continuity and reliability wich is unique in the sector of machines for the dynamic preparation of foodstuffs. The wide range of our production allows to our Company to propose herself us an ideal interlocutor of user and manufactures of great kitchens, and to be at the vertices among the manufactures of machines for the collective resturant. The production of Ing. Romeo Agustoni srl, that ranges from the potato peeling machines and geared motors for the kitchen to the kneading machines and centrifugal machines, included also the machines for the treatment of foodstuffs wastes and offers the right equilibrium of reliability, duration and economy. The style line is well suited to the design of actual grat kitchens.