Area Declic offers a iPelican equipment

Area Declic

Hall furniture

Indoor and outdoor, forever. Chairs and more. 

Indoor and outdoor because Area Declic’s products are often suitable both for inside and outside. They are characterized by functionality and diversified for the intended use. They are made entirely in Italy, often with innovative technologies, mostly made of metal with components in other materials such as plastic, wood, fabric.

Forever because Area Declic is a brand of ARRMET, an historic factory based in Friuli, active since the sixties in the chair district of Manzano (Udine, Italy). The brand DEBI and the company MAN are also part of the group. The brand Area Declic was born by the need to differentiating ARRMET in order to better target the contract and residential market of design.

Chairs and more because the company does not offer only chairs, but also stools, tables and complements, which can often be combined with each other because colors and finishes are compatible. Some products come in variants with different functions: a formula for proposing a coherent image, a service offered to architects.

Our mission:

Become a reference for the contract market with quality products, functional, sustainable, diversified for the intended use, in order to meet the needs of the largest possible number of users in Italy and abroad.