Aucma offers a iPelican equipment


Refrigeration equipment

Built-in and external refrigeration

Established through shareholding system transformation on the basis of Qingdao AUCMA Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. on December 28, 1998, Qingdao Aucma Co., Ltd. is the first listed high-tech company in Shandong Province which is authorized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology; it is mainly engaged in freezer series, freezer and refrigerator series, ice-making machine series, beverage machine series, vending machines series, as well as the manufacturing, sales, technical development, technical consulting, and technical services of lithium-ion battery series. The company has production capacities of 150 million freezers, 600,000 refrigerators, 300,000 display cabinets, 200,000 electric water heaters, 3 million small home appliances, and 60,000 wine cabinets. With freezer products rank the first of the country for 12 years in production and sales and export volume, as well as the refrigerator products entering the sixth of the industry, it is the largest domestic supporting equipment maker for cold food, cold drinks, and beers, and also one of the most influential cold drink / drink supporting equipment supplier in the world.